Personal data commits to the protection of its customers personal data and transfers to no person, organization or company no information regarding its users or customers.

Any user/customer can browse in our website without having to provide his/her personal information. Necessary information is required only in case of an order so that it can be completed.

For instance, through the completion of an order, the creation of an account is required for the customers’ convenience and facility. The only compulsory information needed for the creation of an account is the name and a valid email address of the customer.

All the transactions made through are governed by the international European rule of law related to the e-commerce (2000/31/EK, ΠΔ 131/2003), the Greek rule of law about the protection of personal data (N.2472/1997 in addition to the Π.Δ 207/1998 & 79/2000 and the article 8 of N.2819/20000) as well as by the law related to consumers protection (N.2251/1994) regarding the issues about distant sales.

For safety reasons, important personal data of customers’ credit cards (credit card number, number cvv2/cvc2, expire date) are not saved.


For an orderly functioning and your convenience, the website uses cookies providing a smooth browse and operation of its services. Cookies are small text files, including a text which consists of letters and numbers saved in server’s computer. Without the use of this particular technology the non-stop browse in would be impossible and inefficient as for identification reasons you should enter your username and your password in every page. However, there is full potential to deactivate cookies from your browser, but in that case you should take into consideration that this particular technology is necessary for the smooth and efficient functioning of our services.