The evolution

Oliloves begun their wandering in Olivoun world, through political and social satire, illustrated in comics. In these comical series, despite the fact that the characters are imaginary, they live real experiences. They deal with everyday issues, have various emotions, make tricks, do politics, have fun and live every moment intensely. Although Oliloves are just olives, their destination is totally clear. To make us have fun, identify the characters with real personalities, make us think deeply and relax as well. And all these things accomplished with just a quick movement, just with a simple click. The first comic series is directly available in our online shop as an e-book. So read all Oliloves crazy adventures with a great illustration and great action.

Oliloves have been also created for our young friends. So a new series of kids adventures in nature or at school was created, having as a protagonist the clever and naughty character Olivoulis. The purpose of these adventures is to entertain, educate as well as relax children. These new e-books, with the help of technology, will certainly make a good impression to our young friends but they will also be very convenient for parents as each tale contains a narrative too. The only thing you have to do is to turn on your computer, laptop or tablet and by reading the e-book pages your children and you will be transferred in a magic world. This is the world of Oliloves!

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