The characters

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OLIPARLIAMENT – For all decisions

Oli-parliament is where all decisions about Oliloves world are taken.

CENTRAL SQUARE – The meeting point

The Olivoun central square is the place where Oliloves not only hang out, exchange ideas, make protests, but it’s also their meeting point.

BAR – “The Olive Oil”

This is the place where Oliloves have fun. After a tiring day, having a relaxing drink is necessary!

OLIVELOT – The oil warehouse

All the oil produced from Olivoun’s olive trees is collected and gathered in the Olivelot oil warehouse.

OLIVETIN – For all kinds of work

Working as a vet, a waiter and a receptionist…Olivetin being creative and inventive is the Olilove for all kinds of work.

OLIVE ETON – The new teacher

Being always easy-going, with pure emotions and willing to convey his knowledge to the new generations, Olive Eton the new teacher of Olivoun.

OLIVICKY – Για τις δημόσιες σχέσεις

Γραμματέας του Πίγκαλ Σο. Έχει αναλάβει τις δημόσιες σχέσεις του γραφείου και παράλληλα την πώληση των...

OLIVATSON – The confidential partner

Being active and powerful as well as Olv’s confidential partner, Olivatson has been very helpful for him in cases that Oliloves couldn’t even imagine.

SHERLOCK HOLVS – The famous detective

Being genius and paying great attention on detail, Sherlock Holvs is only in charge of complicated cases and that’s what makes him the most well known detective of Olivoun.

OLIVOULIS – The young protagonist

Being an Olilove with spirit, Olivoulis is against injustice and protects others being in trouble. He believes in a better world.